Trying to decide on your organization's name or want to change your current name?

Before settling on a name, please read the updated University guidance surrounding student organization names:

Per University guidance student organizations are permitted to use a locational distinction (“at”) as part of their official name if the organization is choosing to include some version referring to the University of Iowa (UI, UIowa, U of I, etc.). To align with this guidance please be sure to update your organizational materials, including your constitution, to reflect this guidance.

For example, your organization is allowed to be named "Example Organization at Iowa," but would NOT be allowed to be named "University of Iowa Example Organization" or "UI Example Org."

Your organization can begin the process to change its name at any point during the semester. Please review the process outlined below if you would like to do so.

If your organization would like to change its name during a re-registration window, you can view the process to do so on our Re-registration Page.

If you would like to change your current name or are required to do so outside of a re-registration window, please do the following:

  1. A name change needs to follow your constitutional processes. Start by locating how your organization has set up procedures for amendments or altering the organization.
  2. After following your organization's procedures, update your constitution and any other organizational materials to reflect the name change. Make sure to document all of the details (former name, procedure followed, voting records, date, etc.) during this process. *Remember to also update any acronym or nickname for your organization if needed by putting this in your new constitution.
  3. Once your constitution is updated, please email a copy to our office with any documentation created from Step 2.
  4. Our office will review the new constitution, name, and accompanying documents. If approved, our staff will upload the new constitution and change your name in Engage. Organizations will be notified once approved. *Note: Organizations do not have access to update names, nicknames, or constitutions in Engage - this needs to be done by a staff member.
  5. Update your "About" section of Engage and any social media accounts to reflect the new name.
  6. Contact the Student Org Business Office ( and Event Services ( to update them. Please provide them with both your former name and new name.