Looking to travel on behalf of your student org?

Requests for Student Organization Travel can be submitted through the Event Information Form (EIF) available on Engage through the student organization’s management page. A step-by-step guide is available on the Manage Your Student Organization page. Please note that only certain members of the organization may have permissions to submit events. Please check with your student organization’s leadership if you need access. This must be completed and approved before student organizations can spend money on travel, make reservations, and leave for a trip.

Please make sure you fill out all aspects of the form, including the travel spreadsheet. This must include everyone who will be traveling on behalf of the student organization, how you will be traveling, and why you are going. Please be as specific as possible. You will receive an email notification if there are questions about your submission or when a decision has been made about your request.

If you have questions about travel requirements or need help completing this form, please contact sobo@uiowa.edu or dsl-leadandserve@uiowa.edu.