Student Organization Re-Registration:

Every registered student organization in the Student Engagement & Leadership branch of Engage is required to re-register once a year, in the Fall or Spring Semester. The re-registration process is based on your initial or most recent registration period. For example, if your organization indicated that you hold officer elections in the Spring, you will need to re-register during the Spring window. If your organization indicated that you hold officer elections in the Fall, you will need to re-register during the Fall window. Please see specific dates below under the Timeline section.  

To be a registered student organization for the 2023-2024 academic school year you must complete the re-registration process. The required re-registration process allows registered student organizations to be active for the next academic year as well as affords them the rights and privileges to eligible resources and funding. By re-registering you are being acknowledged as an active student organization on campus and have access to eligible rights and privileges.  

Failure to re-register your organization during your assigned window will result in your organization becoming temporarily inactive for the Fall of 2023. Continued failure to re-register may lead to a permanent inactive status. 

Sport Clubs and FSL

  • Sport Clubs and FSL organizations may have their own re-registration process set by offices overseeing those organizations. For more information on this you can reach Rec Services at or FSL at with questions.

Re-Registration Timeline:

  • Fall Re-registration: October 30th-December 22nd
    • Student organizations with fall officer elections
    • Active January 16th, 2024
  • Spring Re-registration: April 1st-May 31st
    • Student organizations with Spring officer elections
    • Active July 1st, 2024

Steps to complete prior to re-registration:

  • Individuals must be given permission/access to re-register via Engage in each organization. Please be sure your permission setting is correct for all eligible individuals you want to be able to complete the re-registration process. 
  • It is recommended that officers who are transitioning out of roles update the member roster and officer positions (updating your roster resource link). The following positions below are required for all registered student organizations. If your organization has more officer roles, you are encouraged to update those as well.  
    • President 
    • Treasurer 
    • Advisor (if applicable) 
  • It is also recommended that officers who are transitioning out of roles update the member roster of your organization so that the newly elected officers have an accurate account of the members of your organization. 

Completing the re-registration form:

The re-registration window is from April 6th until May 31st. Your organization must complete the re-registration form within this timeframe. 

The registration form can only be started and completed by one person per organization and this person will then become the Primary Contact for the organization. We recommend the new officer complete the form to ensure the correct person is listed as the Primary Contact for the 2023-2024 school year.  

Please click to see step-by-step instructions on how to access the form via Engage

The form has 8 different sections that your organization will need to complete. As you will notice, not all information in these categories is required but please add what is necessary for your organization. Keep in mind the extra information can be useful for promoting your organization, gaining new member interest, and correct university contact information for other organizations and offices on campus who may want to partner with your organization! 

  1. Organization Profile 
  2. Organization Profile Picture 
  3. Organizational Categories 
  4. Student Engagement  
  5. Student Involvement 
  6. Organization Roster 
  7. Constitution/Bylaws Upload 
  8. Organization Questions 

After re-registration closes:

Once the re-registration form closes the Leadership, Service, and Civic Engagement Team will review the submission and you will be updated regarding the status of your organization. Until the review process is complete your student organization re-registration will be listed as “pending” on Engage.   

If you have any questions or believe that you have received this email in error please contact Leadership Service, and Civic Engagement team at You may also schedule a meeting with a member of our team through the myUI scheduler. Please select student organization leader support as your reason and include some information in the notes section to aid in our preparation for the meeting. 

Failure to re-register Spring 2023:  

Be aware that failure to re-register your student organization will result in your student organization being inactive until the next re-registration period, December 2023. Failure to re-register after the second open registration period from your missed registration will require your organization to be considered permanently inactive and you will have to re-register your student organization during the new student organization process that occurs 4 times in any academic year. 


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