U-Bill Charging Privilege Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations


Student organizations that meet certain criteria outlined below may apply for Ubill charging privileges. If approved, student organizations may charge individual student’s University Bill (Ubill) as a way to conduct business transactions for their student organization. There is a $2 administrative processing fee assessed to the student organization for each Ubill charged/credited.


  • The student organization must be in its fifth (5th) semester of recognition, be in good standing with Leadership & Engagement, and have at least 50 members at the time of application.
  • Recognized student organizations’ use of U-Bill privileges will be limited to charges that are $50 or greater per charge.
  • The student organization will only be allowed to charge current University of Iowa students in good standing.
  • Ubill charging may only be done by an approved student organization and not be marketed or used to collect money for or by a 3rd party business or entity.
  • Quarterly, each participating student organization must review past due Ubill payment reports issued by the Student Organization Business Office and follow up with members whom have not yet paid their charges. These reports are issued to each student organization with members that have unpaid and overdue charges.
  • Provision for any bad debt and/or collection fees may result from uncollected charges should be built into the student organization’s budget.


  • Student organizations may request an exception to the 50 member minimum provided there is a hardship requiring members to pay dues of $600 each or more.
  • There is an alternative solution available to all student organizations. CashNet is an online storefront that can be setup and customized by SOBO for members/customers to pay student organizations with their debit/credit cards. Please contact SOBO@uiowa.edu for more information.

Process to Set Up U-Bill Charging Privilege

Student organizations that meet these guidelines should submit a written request through their advisor to the Director of Leadership & Engagement at least 30 days before they intend to collect the fee. The Vice President for Student Life or designee will give final approval within five (5) days of submitting the request.

Upon approval, the Student Organization Business Office (SOBO) Manager will request a charge type code to be setup with the University of Iowa Cashier and will provide further instruction to the student organization president or finance officer on how to proceed.

This policy was updated on April 26, 2022 and will be reviewed on an on-going basis.

Ubill Charge Agreement pdf