Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan

Late Night & Weekend Programming is an Alcohol Harm Reduction strategy. The UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan was put in place to decrease high-risk drinking and the related harmful consequences on campus. The UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan contains multiple, mutually reinforcing, and evidence-based strategies. Recognizing that not all students drink and of those who do, not all do so in a high-risk way, the goals of the plan address the needs of all students including those who don’t drink, those who have experienced a problem as a result of their drinking, and everyone in between.

View the Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan here.

National College Health Assessment Data

Late Night Programs also address the needs of all students including our low- and high-risk drinking groups identified by the National College Health Assessment Data.

Each year Student Health & Wellness uses the American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment tool to collect data health behaviors and practices of UI students. The metrics for the low and high risk drinkers are taken from this report and tracked each year.

View the current and previous reports here.