The 2019 Hawkeye Service Teams traveled to 13 different locations and worked with nearly 50 nonprofit partners during March 16-21, 2019.  Learn more by viewing their final projects in the links below!

The 2019 teams included:

Meet the team leaders

Emily Brekke
Atlanta, Georgia - Food Justice

Kaydee Ecker
Biloxi, Mississippi - Disability Rights

Ashley Sitzman
Dallas, Texas - Public Health

Isabelle Webber
Denver, Colorado - Homelessness

Margaret Good
Atlanta, Georgia - Food Justice

Benjamin Nelson
Birmingham, Alabama - Gentrification

Russell Martin
Kansas City, Missouri - Youth Education

Allison Stutting
Little Rock, Arkansas - Children's Health

Maya Altemeier
Louisville, Kentucky - Public Health

Darian Thompson
Memphis, Tennessee - Racial Justice

Michael Aragon-Jacques
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Housing

Shatiana Cooper
Detroit, Michigan - Economic Equity

Alex Martinez
St. Louis, Missouri - Education Equity

Sandra Amousou
Director of Logistics

KayLynn Harris
Director of Promotion & Retention

Jenna McCoy
Director of Team Development

Rachel Miller
Director of Activation