The 2024 Hawkeye Service Breaks trip will be in person this year. Service Trips will be centered within and outside Iowa.

To participate

Please enroll in the corresponding 3 s.h. service-learning course LS:1024 for the Spring semester. This is a 10-week course that will meet twice per week with engaging activities and discussions. Enrollment for the Spring semester will commence shortly. This program is available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

If you are unsure about how this process works or would need to speak with someone about how this trip might be a good fit for you, email or click here to schedule an advising session with Stephen.

Each course will be focused on a different social issue and service related to these issues. To join a spring 2024 team, follow these instructions:

  1. Confirm your registration date for Spring 2023 classes. 
  2. Review the focus area and sponsor for each team shown in the list below.
  3. Check to make sure you meet the qualifications for the course section in the "specific requirements" section.
  4. Choose your top 3-5 team preferences (in case sections fill up quickly)
  5. Thoroughly review the registration information for each section listed on MyUI (i.e., info on optimum enrollment and waitlist).
  6. When you're eligible to register for Spring classes, enroll in the course section of your preference via MyUI.
  7. Contact with any questions or concerns throughout this process.

2024 Trip Locations:

Denver is the capital city and county of Colorado. Basking at the western edge of the Great Plains, just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Denver enjoys a climate of 8 to 15 inches of annual precipitation and more than 300 days of sunshine more than Miami and San Diego. The picturesque mountain panorama from Denver is 140 miles long and there are 200 visible named peaks including 32 that soar to 13,000 feet and above.

To find out more about the city, visit:

Take a look at our service partner: Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

Washington, D.C., is the capital city of the United States, located between Virginia and Maryland on the North bank of the Potomac River. The city is home to all three branches of the federal government, as well as the White House, the Supreme Court and the Capitol Building. D.C is a city filled with tours of classic attractions like the White House and the Washington Monument, the U.S. Capitol and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

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Jackson, Mississippi, often referred to as the "Heart of Mississippi," is a vibrant and historically rich city in the southern United States. As the state capital, Jackson serves as the political, cultural, and economic center of Mississippi. With a population that reflects the diverse tapestry of the American South, Jackson boasts a unique blend of Southern hospitality and urban vitality. Founded in 1821 and named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, this city has a deep-rooted history. It played a pivotal role during the Civil Rights Movement and remains an essential hub for African American culture and heritage.

Visit for more details about this city.

Take a look at our service partner: Stewpot Community Services

Nashville, Tennessee, often referred to as the "Music City," is a dynamic cultural hub located in the heart of the American South. Famous for its rich musical heritage, Nashville is the epicenter of country music and a thriving center for live entertainment.

With a history dating back to the late 18th century, Nashville has grown into a vibrant and diverse city known for its friendly atmosphere and welcoming Southern charm. It serves as the state capital of Tennessee and a major economic and educational center in the region.

Nashville is synonymous with the country music industry, boasting iconic venues like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. Beyond music, the city offers a flourishing culinary scene, historical landmarks, and beautiful parks like Centennial Park, home to the Parthenon replica.

In recent years, Nashville has experienced rapid growth and development, attracting people from all walks of life. It's a city where tradition and innovation coexist, making it a captivating destination for both residents and visitors alike. Whether you're here for the music, the food, or the vibrant culture, Nashville has something for everyone.

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