Leadership & Engagement provides Swipe Tablets for Student Organizations to track attendance at their events. If you are receiving Late Night Funding or Campus Events Funding, you are required to track attendance through the Swipe Tablets.

To request a Swipe Tablet, fill out the Qualtrics form and follow the instructions below.

Instructions after submitting Qualtrics link:

  • Click on “Reservations” which is on the left of the page
  • Click on “New Reservation”
  • Choose the “Start Date” which is the date of your event unless your event is on the weekend then you would pick up the tablet the Friday before the event.
  • The “End Date” is automatically populated
  • Click “Next”
  • Click on the down arrow under “SWIPE” Tablet and choose the number of tablets you would like to reserve

Click “Next” and your reservation will then be complete

To request your attendance data, please email getinvolved@uiowa.edu with the following information.
  • Student Name
  • Student Email
  • Student Organization Name
  • Event Name
  • Event Location
  • Event Date

If you have any questions, call 319-335-3059.